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Large Gap Between Giants, Tim Lincecum In Contract Talks

The San Francisco Giants were quiet throughout the winter meetings, and didn't address their glaring need in improving the offense. Perhaps the primary reason is to reallocate the resources into locking up their front-line starting pitchers in Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain.

Earlier in the month, the club and Tim Lincecum began long-term negotiation talks. The Giants offered four-years, but Lincecum wanted eight. And today, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports, there remains a "sizable gap" in negotiations between the two sides.

Heyman adds the Giants raised their offer of four-years, $80 million in recent weeks, but Lincecum hasn't moved from his desire for an eight-year contract. The two are also working on one-year, two-year deals as a backup plan, and probably the more realistic contract right now.

Lincecum, 27, is eligible to hit free-agency after the 2013 season. The bona fide ace already has two Cy-Young awards under his belt, and has shown no signs of slowing down.