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Boston Red Sox Acquire Andrew Bailey, Ryan Sweeney

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Update: The A's will also get pitching prospect Raul Alcantera and 3B/1B prospect Miles Head, per Olney. So the official deal is Sweeney and Bailey to Boston for Alcantera, Reddick and Head.

The Boston Red Sox have acquired right-handed closer Andrew Bailey from the Oakland Athletics, according to Buster Olney of ESPN. The Red Sox will send outfielder Josh Reddick to Oakland, Buster Olney reports. The Red Sox also got Ryan Sweeney.

The Red Sox had been known as one of the teams with interest in Bailey, and they were also in on Gio Gonzalez of Oakland. They balked at the price, but apparently not at Bailey's. The only piece rumored right now is Reddick, though it could very well be more as we continue to learn more about the deal. One player I suspect is Brandon Workman, who the Athletics coveted for Rich Harden last trade deadline when that trade fell through. Olney reports that more than just Reddick is going to Oakland.

Last season Reddick emerged as the starting right fielder in Boston due to the injuries to Ryan Kalish and JD Drew. The loss of Reddick opens up the door for Kalish to be the starting outfielder in 2012 for the Red Sox. The Red Sox get Sweeney as well, who helps with that outfield depth.

Bailey will replace Jonathan Papelbon, who signed with the Philadelphia Phillies this winter. With Mark Melancon in the mix as well, this makes Daniel Bard almost an automatic starter. Also, Ryan Madson loses a potential destination.