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Orioles Notes, Rumors: Manny Ramirez, DH Options, Front Office Additions

Quick updates from Baltimore, where speculation has temporarily moved from Ortiz as a DH option to Manny Ramirez, who is seeking to un-retire but will receive a 50-game suspension upon re-arrival. I can't help but think that O's fans are looking for a bit more than washed-up sluggers, but hey:

  • Will the Orioles make any significant moves this week? - Dan Connolly
    "I certainly hope we are able to add to the club this week, but the market has been slow developing in recent years," he said. "Before, free agents traditionally liked to choose their new teams before the holidays. The last several years, that's not been the case. But, having said that, I'd sure like to add some players this week."
  • Winter Meetings least for O's - Peter Schmuck
    "The Orioles already have introduced scouting director Gary Rajsich and moved some people around, but we'll have a better idea of who's doing what at the meetings in a few hours."
  • Showalter Wanting a Flexible DH -
    "The Orioles are interested in acquiring a bat, but it seems unlikely that will turn to a one-dimensional DH. Buck Showalter has said that he would like someone who could move in and out of the DH role and help in other areas, but he said he would not be inflexible if the right player became available at the right price."
  • Duquette on Manny Ramirez -
    "Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette laughed as soon as the name Manny Ramirez was brought up to him on Sunday night. He then glanced over his shoulder at manager Buck Showalter."