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Pujols Rumors: Marlins, Cardinals, Nationals, Cubs, Rangers

3:00PM EST: The Marlins just finished up a 30-minute meeting with Albert Pujols' agent according to Clark Spencer.

11:00AM EST: The Jose Reyes/Marlins deal has done several things to the Winter Meetings: first, it's finally started (!), second, the Marlins are apparently serious. Reyes is/was probably the 3rd biggest name of the off-season behind Pujols and Fielder, and now that he's off the list, Pujols speculation runs rampant.

It seems like most people think that Pujols will re-sign with St. Louis, but these things can get funny this time of year. Let's see where we're at:


  • Twitter / @Joelsherman1
    "Total speculation: But if #Marlins r really going hard for Pujols, should they try to trade Hanley to make some $ room .... Hanley's value down, but so is number of quality 3B and SS, so maybe someone takes chance"
  • Twitter / @SI_JonHeyman
    #marlins are apparently not out on pujols. Its like a whole new organization.


  • Market for Pujols is a question - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    The Cardinals continue to operate under the assumption that they will have the right to match or beat any rival's bid. Their previous nine-year proposal is believed to have included the 2011 season, meaning only eight years would remain. If Pujols deemed the offer inadequate in January, any downward revision in term or average annual value could only further polarize the parties. A potential compromise would appear to be increasing the AAV for fewer years and possibly attaching one or more options.


  • Twitter / @JimBowdenESPNxm
    "Nationals heavy favorites to get at least one of C.J. Wilson or Mark Buehrle and are even talking about Pujols or Fielder internally"



  • PUJOLS Twitter / @DKnobler
    Other teams believe Cubs will try for Pujols, but only with shorter term offer with high AAV (avg $ per yr)


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