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Jose Reyes to Marlins: Reactions, Analysis, Opinion

The big splash of the free agent season came last night with Jose Reyes signing with the Miami Marlins. Here are some reactions from around baseball.

  • Bob Klapisch from says that the New York Mets are too broke to compete in free agency, and did not even make Reyes an offer, and the Mets had no intention of keeping him due to the price.
  • Michael Jong from Fish Stripes, the SBNation Miami Marlins blog, says that Reyes is a big splash for the Marlins, but it may be too risky. He says that the deal is more than any deal in Marlins history, and wonders if it was irresponsible.
  • Eric Simon from Amazin' Avenue, the SBNation New York Mets blog, wonders who is to blame for Reyes leaving the Mets and for the downfall of the Mets financials.
  • Jeff Passon from Yahoo! Sports compares this to the Carl Crawford deal in Boston, which Reyes was expected to get, and says that the Marlins come up favorably in that aspect.
  • Jim Bowden from ESPN says that the Marlins get some much needed star power for their new stadium and team name.
  • Dave Cameron from FanGraphs says that this deal might actually have a chance to be a bargain.