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C.J. Wilson Rumors: Conflicting Reports On Nationals Offering Sixth Year

10:00 p.m. ET: Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post and Jim Bowden of ESPN are reporting that the Nationals may have NOT offered C.J. Wilson a 6th year. They may not be interested at all.

9:18 p.m. ET: Jim Duquette is reporting that the Washington Nationals are offering Free Agent SP C.J. Wilson a 6th year in their contract offer. At this point, there is no definitive dollar figure on the table for that contract.

If C.J. Wilson agrees to terms with the Nationals, he figures to slot as behind Stephen Strasburg for what would be a pretty formidable 1-2 bunch in the NL East. Along with Jordan Zimmerman and John Lannan, the Washington Nationals would have a young core of starting pitchers to combat the aggressive Miami Marlins and the veteran pitching staff of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Remember: The Nationals have been steadily increasing salary in the past few years. With much of their core either under team control for the upcoming years or rising quickly through the farm system, the Washington Nationals should be a formidable contender in the NL East with playoff expansion on the horizon.