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Hanley Ramirez: Where Could He Land?

So Hanley Ramirez refuses to play third base with the Miami Marlins, and with Jose Reyes as the team's new shortstop, he has no choice. Now he wants to be traded, much to the joy of us baseball rumor junkies. Every team in baseball would love to have a talent like Han-Ram, but what is the right fit? Let's take a look at every team in baseball.

Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have JJ Hardy at shortstop, who hit .269 last season with an OBP of .310 and 30 home runs. He recently signed a three year extension with the O's, so I don't think we can see them trading for him.

Boston Red Sox

This is arguably the best fit of all. The Red Sox were the ones to trade Ramirez to the Marlins, but with Ben Cherington now as the GM, you have to wonder if he will trade for him back. The Red Sox have Marco Scutaro at shortstop, but he can play third base. The only curveball might be the recent signing of Nakajima.

New York Yankees

This fit is interesting. Derek Jeter will be in pinstripes for at least two more years, but how long will he be at SS?

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays seem to be aggressive in this year's free agent market, and Alex Anthropolus is a creative GM. Yunel Escobar does have a two year deal, but he could move to second base with Kelly Johnson as a free agent.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves could make a move for Ramirez, and they have his former double play partner Dan Uggla. They can afford to DFA someone like Alex Gonzalez, their current shortstop.

New York Mets

If they couldn't sign Jose Reyes or even give him an offer, I have a feeling that this won't be happening.

Philadelphia Phillies

They are looking to keep Jimmy Rollins, but if not they may be players for Han-Ram. They don't currently have much depth at shortstop, and they can be an aggressive team in the trade market.

Washington Nationals

They seem happy with Ian Desmond in there, but they may have offered CJ Wilson six years, so who knows how aggressive this team can be?

Chicago White Sox

Unless they want to move Alexi Ramirez to third base, I don't really see this as a match.

Cleveland Indians

Not going to happen with Asdrubal Cabrera, nor do the Indians have the salary to support Ramirez.

Detroit Tigers

This could happen, as Jhonny Peralta has only one more year left on his deal and the Tigers normally have enough money to spend.

Kansas City Royals

No. Next?

Minnesota Twins

This also seems highly unlikely. They like Nishioka at shortstop for this season, and they probably do not have the chips to make this trade a possibility.

Chicago Cubs

As much as Theo Epstein would love it, they are set with Starlin Castro.

Cincinnati Reds

This could be a really good fit. They might not be committed to Todd Fraizor, and the Reds certainly have the pieces in their system to pull off a trade.

Houston Astros

With a new owner and as a future AL team, the Astros could look to make a splash, I just don't think they have the right pieces.

Milwaukee Brewers

Any upgrade over Yuinesky Betancourt is a good one, and they could look to make a splash with an improving and exciting team, especially if Prince Fielder is out.

Pittsburgh Pirates

This just seems really unlikely with their payroll.

St.Louis Cardinals

They seem pretty happy with Rafael Furcal, and don't have many pieces other than Shelby Miller anyways.

Anaheim Angels

Certainly a possibility, as the Angels like making splashes and have a hole at shortstop.

Oakland Athletics

I really doubt this.

Seattle Mariners

This might be strange, but I can see this happening. Decent farm system, hole at shortstop, and normally have money to spend.

Texas Rangers

Likely not with Elvis Andrus.

Arizona Diamondbacks

With John McDonald as their starting shortstop, they may be interested, but do they have the money?

Colorado Rockies

Troy Tulowitzski.

Los Angeles Dodgers

No money right now, not a good time to be going after Han-Ram.

San Diego Padres

The Padres are not a big splash team.

San Francisco Giants

They could be a sleeper in this, as they always seem to need hitting.

That is every team in baseball. Top candidates to me are Boston, Anaheim, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Detroit. What kind of offers would you make if you were those teams?


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