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Albert Pujols Rumors: Marlins Out, Angels Offer At Least $210M, Mystery Team Involved

Thurs 12:34AM ET: Bob Nightengale tweets that Angels are offering 10 years and "at least" $210 million.

Weds 6:20PM ET: Bob Nightengale confirms that the Marlins are out, and that Pujols still has 3 offers of $200M+.

Weds 6:12PM ET: Jerry Crasnick of ESPN is tweeting that the Marlins have been told by agent Dan Lozano that they are out for Pujols. He also mentions that other clubs are still involved.

11:11 PM ET: Ken Rosenthal (among other sources) is reporting that the Angels are also in the mix for Pujols.

9:22 p.m. ET: Pujols currently has three offers of ten years worth more than $200 million on the table and two of those offers are from the Cardinals and Marlins, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today. It's unclear who is the mystery team, but it's nice in the winter to have a mystery team to warm the heart, you know?

8:50 p.m. ET: According to MLB USA Today, free agent first baseman Albert Pujols is currently mulling three different offers from three different teams. Two of them are the Miami Marlins and St.Louis Cardinals, the other one is currently unknown.

We know that the Marlins offered Pujols a ten year deal yesterday, and that the Cardinals had previously offered him a six year deal. There were rumblings earlier today that Pujols might sign tonight, and most of those reports indicated that it would be with the Marlins, but that still remains to be seen.

We have to wonder who this mystery team might be. It could possibly be the Chicago Cubs, who we have speculated about before the hot stove season even began, but those rumors seemed to have died down. One dark horse I could see would be the Milwaukee Brewers, though if they don't want to keep Prince Fielder, who knows?

This might all end tonight, so stay tuned to MLB Daily Dish.


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