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New York Mets, Frank Francisco Agree to 2-Year Deal

Now in an absolute flurry of activity, the New York Mets have signed Frank Francisco to a 2-year deal according to Ken Davidoff. This is the third reliever signed by the Mets tonight, following the Joe Rauch and Ramon Ramirez signings, not to mention the acquisition of center fielder Andres Torres.

Jon Paul Morosi is reporting the deal is for $12 Million. Adam Rubin confirms (via twitter).

Francisco is the third of the rumored three relievers signed tonight, and looks to fill out a complete overhaul of the Mets' bullpen. Davidoff further reports that Rauch is to be the set-up man and Francisco will be the closer.

This has all the signs of a team desperately trying to improve without giving up much in the way or either prospects or money (see: Royals), but it also looks like a team that has correctly measured the market (closers cost too much and starters are scarce) and has instead elected to maximize inefficiencies in the market. Where have we heard that before?


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