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Boston Red Sox Rumors: Reddick, Beltran, Bailey

Although originally thought last night that the Boston Red Sox had every intention of keeping young OF Josh Reddick, it appears now this morning their mood has shifted.

Peter Gammons reported early this morning that Josh Reddick could be a centerpiece of a deal that could land Closer Andrew Bailey in Boston.

Leaving a gap in RF for Boston, ESPN's Steve Berthiaume speculates that Carlos Beltran could be the answer to that problem.

The A's apparently asked for star 3B prospect Will Middlebrooks as well according to Nick Cafardo at the Boston Globe. On the other hand, you'll remember that it has been rumored this past week that set-up man Daniel Bard could be moving to the starting rotation, a questionable move once the Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon signed with the Phillies. Before you go any further, you must read this story by Marc Normandian on what we MAY know be in the future for Bard.

Reddick was a solid OF last season with a triple split of .280/.327/.457. Carlos Beltran had one of his best seasons with a split of.300/.385/.525.

This could be a dangerous move for the Red Sox salary wise, with Carl Crawford owed $20 million for the forseeable future. Jacoby Ellsbury and will be arbitration eligible.


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