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Mariners, Mariners Fans Are Freaking Out; Dutiful Prince Fielder Rumors

You thought Cardinals fans were upset? At least they can un-ironically console themselves out of one of the best players of all time because it would've supposedly been a contract Albertross (not mine). Mariners fans, though, oh boy. Let's give them a moment to collectively collect themselves.

Check out Jeff Sullivan (one of my favorite writers) essentially on open mic with great analysis dropped right in the middle; check out Geoff Baker railing on the man, the system, and dammit, the nerds too (he does have at least one correct premise in that Sabermetrics does little to account for outside-the-game effects like new TV deals, stadiums, and size of fanbases) and a couple suddenly-sober pieces on why the Mariners simply must sign Prince Fielder not now, but right now:

  • Albert Pujols signing by Mariners' rival is a huge wakeup call - Geoff Baker
    "This is why the Mariners are going hard on Prince Fielder. They've got to either get this rebuild fast-forwarded or trade Hernandez. There is no middle ground. And right now, they think Fielder is the best option. And after today, seeing how much money there really is to throw around in the AL West and all of baseball, the reality of what faces them hopefully became a little clearer."
  • Mariners Rattle Baseball World, Acquire Lucas Luetge - Lookout Landing
    "In the event that Luetge does make the Mariners, Major League Baseball will feature a Luetge, a Lueke, and a Luebke. I suspect that public opinion will be against him, though, because Lucas Luetge will forever be the guy the Mariners acquired on the same day the Angels got C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols."


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