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Miguel Cabrera's DUI Is 'Funny', But Also Really Sad

I understand why Detroit Tigers first basemen Miguel Cabrera's latest alcohol related run-in with the law is funny. It's a entertaining bar room tale that grabs everyone's attention and the punchline will have everyone on the floor laughing. "HAHA! He took a swig of scotch and said that! Oh man!"

I get it, I truly do. And, this post isn't one that intends to mock those who think this story is funny. Like I said, I get it. Its not like me or my buddies don't have stories to tell. However, I'd like to remind those that if Cabrera was your friend, family member or co-worker who you spend a lot of time with -- all day, every day for six-plus months -- and you know they have past with alcohol. This story has a whole different punchline.

Remember back in Oct. of 2009 when Cabrera found himself in a similar alcohol related run-in with the law? Sport Illustrated's Ted Keith recaps the incident in an Oct. 2009 article:

"(Miguel) was out partying the night before an absolutely crucial game in a pennant race with members of the opposing team

Got so drunk that he had a blood-alcohol content of .26 -- more than three times the legal limit for driving -- after police were finally able to administer a test.

The test came after he had a loud disagreement with his wife that, according to the newspaper, led to a physical altercation.

And finally, he had to be picked up at the police station by Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski less than 12 hours before the first pitch against the White Sox.

"Stupidity, thy name is Miguel."

That incident happened during the Tigers last weekend series of the 2010 season against American League Central Divion rival the Chicago White Sox. Detroit, which had a seven-game lead in the Central standings back in September, were trying to hold down a slim one-game margin over the Minnesota Twins. However, the Tigers lost two of three to the White Sox and were forced to play a one-game tiebreaker at the old Metrodome.

Cabrera went 2 for 5 with a third-inning, two-run homer in the contest, but the Tigers lost 6-5 in 12 innings. Despite his performance and the game's controversial finish, Cabrera had a lot of angry eyes glaring at him during the offseason.

Last spring, Cabrera said he had stopped drinking and wasn't an alcoholic.

"You guys write in the paper 'alcoholic,' that's not right," the Detroit first baseman said Monday before the Tigers' morning workout at spring training. "I don't know how to explain, but it's not an alcohol problem."

In 2010, Cabera collected the AL's highest RBI total, second-highest batting average and third-most home runs. It seemed that the 27-year old has figured things out and was on the right path. That was until Wednesday.

2010 - Miguel Cabrera 150 548 111 180 45 1 38 126 89 95 3 3 .328 .420 .622

I know how Cabrera is as a player. He's really good -- and that's possible the biggest understatement I've ever wrote. I don't know who Cabrera is as a person. He might not be the worst or best guy -- most of the time its someplace in the middle. What I do know is Cabrera can fool us all once -- shame on him -- but to try and do it twice. That's just really sad and deserves immediate attention from the Tigers front office and MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

Hopefully, in the end, the stories ending is better than its "funny" beginning because that would actually put a smile on my face.