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Gary Sheffield Retires And Thinks He's Hall Of Fame Worthy

It case you haven't heard, former nine-time All Star slugger Gary Sheffield called it quits Wednesday. The controversial star, who played for eight teams over 22 seasons, decided to not only retire, but stated he belongs in the Hall Of Fame.

"I am sure it will be mentioned and debated but from my standpoint I know who is in the Hall of Fame," Sheffield told The New York Post. "A lot of them don't belong in the Hall of Fame. If someone wants to debate me, check the stats."

Over the course of his career, Sheffield was a feared hitter for about 10 seasons and was a big key in the 1997 Florida Marlins winning the World Series. But does that make him Hall of Fame worthy?

Well, I decided to have a candid interview with Mr. Sheffield at SB Nation New York, so he could personally make his case. Also, SB Nation New York's Howard Megdal decided to use sabermetrics to make Sheffield's case for Cooperstown. What do you think?