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New York Yankees GM, Brian Cashman, Admits Red Sox Are AL East Favorites

It's 35 days until MLB Opening Day and already New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman is waving the white flag at the Boston Red Sox. Or, is it the green flag? Well, whatever the color, Cashman admitted that the Red Sox should be the AL East favorites because they had the best offseason.

"If this was the start of a race," Cashman told USA Today's Seth Livingstone Thursday, "based on the preliminary practice runs that they do in NASCAR -- which I don't really know about, but I think that's where you qualify for pole positions. From their winter, they qualified on the inside part of the track. Their pole position is better than ours based on the winter they had compared to the winter that I, personally had."

During the offseason, Boston's notable additions were first-base slugger Adrian Gonzalez and outfield speedster Carl Crawford. The Yankees offseason was highlighted by signing catcher Russell Martin and setup man Rafael Soriano.

More comments from Cashman after the jump...

"That doesn't discount anything I've got here," Cashman continued. "It's just I have more work to do. I might have the answers right here in front of me. I like what we've got coming. Is it ready or not yet for an American League pennant race? We're going to find out and weigh that against what's available over time."

"But what I do have, I'm very proud of. And what I do have is going to compete for that title. Can I make it better? ( I) can make it better. But when you look at me straight-faced in the eye and say, 'What did you think about their winter and where does that put them compared to you?' I think they're the hunted and we're the hunter."

The New York Yankees spring training schedule features a game against the Philadelphia Philies this Thursday at 1 p.m. The Boston Red Sox spring training schedule also begins Thursday against the Boston College Golden Eagles (NCAA).

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