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Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera Speaks To Media For First Time Since DUI

Eight days after a highly publicized alcohol related run-in with the law, Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera spoke to the media Thursday afternoon in Lakeland, FL. The five-time All Star, through a Spanish-speaking translator, addressed his legal situation and future.

"I want to apologize to everybody -- to my teammates, to my fans, to my family, to the owner, to the Tigers," Cabrera said. "I've worked very hard for a period of time in overcoming this, and I just want to get back and play and have everybody forgive me. I ask for forgiveness."

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"I'm very sorry, and I want to apologize to the policemen for that night. I acted in a bad way, and I hope that they forgive me. I'm very sorry for what I did. I also want to thank them for the way they handled everything, because in the end, it came out to be the best way.

"I believe in the American justice system; it will take its course, and I believe at the end, things will be cleared up. ... I also want to regain my reputation. I will work hard to regain that respect and my reputation. I just want to get back to baseball, and I will work hard to regain my career."

However, before Cabrera can regain his career the MLB suggested he participate in a "multifaceted, professionally-administered program." This program will involve supervision that will make sure Cabrera is following the program. Also, any other alcohol related incidents could lead to punishment by the MLB.

"The exact details of the program remain unclear," wrote James Schmehl of "But early indications suggest it will be similar in nature to the outpatient treatment program he received following an alcohol-related incident in 2009."

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski also answered questions from the press and indicated that Cabrera is allowed to play whenever manager Jim Leyland wants to place in him the lineup.

"Any time you're involved with situations where alcohol is involved, it's a daily battle," Dombrowski said. "He's committed to doing what's necessary."

The Detroit Tigers Spring Training schedule has Leyland's squad playing Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL on Friday (1;05 p.m.). The Tigers begin Grape Fruit League play on Friday (1:05 p.m.) against the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedine, FL.