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Rangers still trying to move Michael Young?

Getty Images's Buster Olney is reporting that the Rangers are still trying to move infielder Michael Young. Despite conflicting reports that denied recent attempts made by the Rangers to unload Young, has learned that he is drawing enough interest for the Rangers to listen. 

The Rockies reportedly have some interest in making Young an everyday player. The Rockies have long sought a middle infield, even targeting Dan Uggla before the Marlins pulled him off the trade market the first time, then sending him to the Braves

Michael Young would be the perfect addition for the Cubs. While the Cubs have three options at second base, none of them will come close to matching the numbers that Young could put up in a Cubs uniform. With Blake DeWitt, Jeff Baker, and Darwin Barney (who will most likely return to Triple-A) in the mix, adding Young would fortify the bench and make the lineup that much stronger. 

The Nationals could also be in the mix, but he would have to return to the second base role if a trade ever materializes.