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Saturday Quick Hits


  • is reporting that trade talks between the Rangers and Rockies involving Michael Young have reached an advanced stage and it is possible a deal will be completed early next week. The deal at this point would send Young and cash to the Rox for Jose Lopez and most likely a minor league pitcher.
  • Free agent pitcher Kelvim Escobar would like to make a return as a reliever for the 2011 season. Escobar has appeared in one game over the past three seasons, so it is unlikely he will get an sort of legitimate offer. He will have to start in the minors to prove that the arm strength is there. 
  • Pitcher Kevin Millwood is reportedly still talking with the Orioles and an unknown club about a possible deal. 
  • The Yankees are not interested in Tigers pitcher Jeremy Bonderman, but sources say they have interest in Scott Kazmir and Joe Blanton
  • The Red Sox have signed Dennys Reyes to a minor league deal. 
  • The Yankees sign Eric Chavez, according to NBC Sports.