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Will Mets pitcher Johan Santana be ready for the season?

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Mets pitcher Johan Santana was berated with questions from journalists concerning his surgically-repaired left shoulder, which sources are saying may force him to miss the beginning of the season.

Santana, however, refuted the report and that while he is moving along cautiously, things are going well.

"We're on the right track and where we're supposed to be," Santana said. "Whoever says I'm not ready is lying... It's just that it takes time. I still have to go slow, because whatever you want to do, regardless, your arm is going to tell you something else. That's why this process is real slow."

It sure sounds like he is off pace to be ready by Opening Day, and the report certainly send ripples through the Mets organization and the NL East. Fortunately for the Mets, they still have several pitchers to fill his slot while he is out.

Both Chris Capuano and Jenrry Mejia are candidates for the rotation and will likely get an extra look in spring. Capuano has been injured for much of the past two seasons, but if he can come back healthy he could be a bright spot in a detached Mets rotation.