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Angels shopping starting pitcher Scott Kazmir?

Coming off a 15-loss season, Angels pitcher Scott Kazmir has shown no real signs of improvement so far this spring. He has surrendered twelve hits and five walks in his first eight innings of work, showing no capacity to get hitters out.

Yes, it is still early and Kazmir is a very capable pitcher. He has only surrendered three runs but his control is very inconsistent thus far. As for teams that could be interested in him, the Mets could take a chance on him. They drafted him in the first round of 2002, but traded him to the Rays in 2004.

If Kazmir can show some signs of the pitcher he was in 2008 and prior, teams will definitely be interested and would part with a pair of low-level prospects if the Angels were willing to eat a portion of the 12 million they owe him.