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Multiple teams interested in Luis Castillo

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After nearly two seasons of constant trade talk surrounding second baseman Luis Castillo, the Mets finally parted ways with the second baseman after 3 1/2 seasons. The decision was likely made easier with Daniel Murphy also playing well, hitting .308 in 39 at-bats.

With Castillo on the open market, there are already several teams vying for his services. The Marlins were attached to him early, but sources are indicating that they won't pursue him aggressively. However, the Cubs would take Castillo as a nice consolation for not landing Rangers infielder Michael Young and hope he can produce better than the combination of Jeff Baker and Blake DeWitt

The Phillies would like Castillo for the sole reason he provides insurance in the event that Chase Utley gets hurt. The Indians are also in the same position but they do have Josh Barfield and it is difficult to say whether or not Castillo could produce more than Barfield.

The bottom line is that Castillo will eventually get picked up. If he has a reasonable offer, he may even get picked up before spring training.