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Milwaukee Brewer's Newcomer Zack Greinke Wants Opening Day Start

Zack Greinke does not say much, but when he does people listen. Since becoming a Milwaukee Brewer in mid-December, Greinke hasn't said much, but he spoke to the media Tuesday after making his Brew Crew debut against the Chicago White Sox in Glendale, AZ. The righty, who walked three three batters, struck out two, walked one in 1 1/3 innings (39 pitches), talked about his trade request from Kansas City, his new team and wanting to pitch Opening Day for the Brew Crew.

"Everyone wants to pitch Opening Day, but whatever is decided, it's not like anyone's going to cry if they don't get it," Greinke said who made his Milwaukee Tuesday. "I was thinking about it. It's kind of tricky."

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Currently, the Brewers rotation consists of: Greinke, the Kansas City Royals 2010 Opening Day starter, Yovani Gallardo, the Brewers '10 Opening Day starter and Shaun Marcum, the Toronto Blue Jays '10 Opening Day hurler. Also, in the discussion is lefty veteran Randy Wolf. Manager Ron Roenicke admits that there currently is no Opening Day starter, but the announcement will come soon.

Greinke didn't stop at just the Brewers rotation, he continued by answering questions about his public-trade request out of Kansas City:

"Eventually I need to stop answering questions about this, but I kind of had to play the bad guy in order to do it," Greinke said. "I mean, it’d be nice if it didn’t happen. But the way things were in Kansas City, if I had just kept on being this great person, then fans would have been outraged if I got traded. I kind of had to be the bad guy for a while, which isn’t always your No. 1 choice."

"As the general manager or coach or owner of the team, the fans recognize what you do, and if you do something that none of the fans like, there’s going to be backlash against the organization. So if you make it to where they can understand why the general managers and owners did what they did, it’s not as bad a situation for them, and it makes it easier to make the move."

Greinke made it clear that he'd like to no longer like to answers questions about KC. The 2009 American League Cy Young winner, Opening Day starter or not, will more than likely make his regular season NL debut against defending Central Division champs Cincinnati Reds, who open the season by hosting the rival Brewers in a three-game series. If not then, Greinke will be the starter in the home-opener against the Atlanta Braves, April 4.

2010 - Zack Greinke 10-14 33 33 3 0 0 0 220.0 219 114 102 18 55 181 4.17 1.25