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Longtime Angels reliever Scot Shields retires

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Taking in the 37th round of the 1997 MLB Draft, pitcher Scot Shields had no idea he was about to begin a journey to the top of one of the most regarded franchises of the 2000s. He came to the majors in 2002 and helped the Angels win the World Series, pitching in Game 5. He also earned the reputation as a fierce competitor and setup man, earning the honors of Setup Man of the Year. But today he announced his retirement after two injury-plagued seasons, according to
''I am very thankful to have had the privilege and opportunity to play this great game at the major league level,'' Shields said in a statement. ''My respect and thanks as well to all those who helped me along the way, especially (manager) Mike Scioscia, (pitching coach) Mike Butcher, (pitching coach) Buddy Black and the entire front office.''
Shields finishes with a 46-44 record and a 3.18 ERA.