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Cubs release Carlos Siva

The Cubs have released right-handed pitcher Carlos Silva, who has caused enough problems this season for the Cubs to just cut him loose. It is all too fitting that the Cubs just cut him loose after he was the player that was acquired in the Milton Bradley deal.

Silva had a blow up in the Cubs dugout with third baseman Aramis Ramirez at the onset of spring training, setting the tone for what would have been a rough season with the Cubs. Silva went 10-6 last season with a 4.22 ERA, but still raised flags for the Cubs over his health and attitude. Honestly, the Cubs are going younger and they don't want any distractions from disgruntled players. With Silva in the bullpen, he would be limited to early in the game and hasn't been a reliever since 2002-2003.

The Cubs announced that Andrew Cashner has won the fifth rotation spot. Cashner can turn it up to 99 mph (and has touched 100) at times during a relief outing but usually sits between 94-96. He has solid secondary pitches and he enters the game with young Kerry Wood mentality. The Cubs have been very careful with him thus far.

This is a good sign for the Cubs, who could've almost swapped for Oliver Perez and land another headache. They'll just pay him the 11.5 million instead.