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MLB, Players Union announce new 7-day DL

Major League Baseball and the Players Union made a joint statement announcing the inclusion of a 7-day disabled list to deal mostly with concussion related injuries. There is already a 7-day DL in the minor leagues, so you have to think the trial run worked and will evolve to have players with concussion related injuries following league wide guidelines to better meet the needs of the players.

The league and the union announced the protocols in a joint statement on Tuesday. They include mandatory baseline testing for all players and umpires and new steps for evaluating players who may have suffered the injury and for having them return to action.

The move will also allow teams to call up players more often for brief glimpses of the big league level. If a starting pitcher is going to miss a start, putting him on the 7-day disabled list will allow teams to have an extra pitcher in the bullpen during a tough series.