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Opening Day Boost: Rays extend righty Wade Davis

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The Rays and right-handed pitcher Wade Davis have agreed to a four-year extension worth 12.6 million dollars, according to The deal includes options from 2015-2017 which would bring the total contracts worth to 35.1 million dollars.

After going 2-2 with a 3.72 in his rookie debut, Davis posted a 12-10 record in 29 games with a 4.07 ERA and 113 strike outs. Davis always had potential and is proving himself at the major league level, giving way to the extension that would pay him approximately 5 million dollars annually, on average. It is a great deal for the Rays and for Davis, who at 25 is getting paid a pretty penny considering the loss of Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena to the offense, who are now replaced by Johnny Damon and Dan Johnson. But with Sean Rodriguez at second and Manny Ramirez at DH, who knows what kind of potency this offense will in fact have.

Overall, it's a great opening day moment for the Rays organization.