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Outfielder Jermaine Dye retires

Former White Sox and Kansas City Royal Jermaine Dye has officially announced his retirement today after sitting out the past two seasons. Dye, who also played for the Braves and Athletics, compiled a career .274 average and 325 home runs, a very respectable total. 

Dye had a resurgence with the White Sox in 2005 when they won the World Series, and hit a career best 44 home runs the following year.

"It’s time to start my second life," said Dye, who lives in Phoenix with his wife, Tricia, and children Jalen, 10, Devin, 9 and Tiara, 6. "I’m enjoying my family, watching my kids grow up, teaching them the right way to grow up. 

In Dye's first big league at-bat, he hit a home run. He said it is one of his most fondest memories from his career. The other one is from the World Series in '05.

"I actually have two," Dye said. "My first at-bat in the big leagues, I hit a home run (for the Braves off the Reds’ Marcus Moore on May 17, 1996). Just running around the bases and getting to the dugout seeing Bobby Cox and David Justice on the top step, giving them a hug. The second would be my base hit up the middle, Game 4, to win the World Series.

He will be a retired fan favorite in Chicago and possibly in Kansas City for the next several years to come.