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With Zack Greinke out, Yovani Gallardo to start Opener?

New Brewers pitcher Zack Greinke suffered a cracked rib playing a pick-up basketball game, meaning he will miss the first few weeks of the season and what would have been an Opening Day start with his new club. The loss of Greinke for potentially the first month of the season is not detrimental to the Brewers' season, but he needs to be healthy going forward and the only way to ensure that would be to make sure he is fully healed from his rib injury. 

Fortunately, Yovani Gallardo looks as good as ever on the mound, posting a 3.60 ERA and striking out seven to just one walk. Adding Shaun Marcum to the mix certainly provides some stability in the rotation, and if he and Gallardo can come out strong the addition of Greinke when he returns will make the Brewers a formidable foe down the stretch.