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Pirates Promote Chris Leroux Despite Press Release Saying the Opposite

Chris Leroux hasn't been released. I'm looking at him right now. On field in Indy. He took spot in Class AAA when Garrett Olsen went on DL.

 Imagine Chris' thoughts if he had seen this:

Pirates Release Chris Leroux  

To our friends at MLBTR's credit, it was not their fault and was actually an issue with the press release, though I didn't see it before it was pulled.

However, I'm trying to imagine how something like that gets mixed up in the media room. I'm picturing an old school printing press and a bunch of old men in green see-through hats and ink-stained fingers yelling over the click-click-clack of each other's typewriters, the smoke pouring in from the editor's office (big deal, we like cigars!), the rhythmic but oddly misplaced thump-thump-thump of non-existent newspaper presses in the background...

"Leroux moving up to replace Olsen in AAA!"

"Leroux is getting released?"


If any of you insiders have a more complete look at how something like that happens, drop me a line -- on or off the record. Sounds fascinating.