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Keith Law Previews the 2011 Draft With His Latest Mock

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In Keith Law's latest Mock Draft (for ESPN insiders only) he projects the Pirates to select Danny Hultzen with the 1st overall pick. As strange as it seems, it wouldn't be all that surprising. Let's take a look at Law's other notes...

  • The paywall starts after #5 where he projects Gerrit Cole gets selected by the Royals. Although it would be surprising if he makes it there, it again wouldn't shock many as there's already lots of uncertainty in the early going
  • Law says the Marlins will select Archie Bradley should he be on the board then. He says Bradley also might find a home in Houston, where he projects him to go
  • Although it's not where he projects him, Law says the Nationals will in fact select Trevor Bauer should he be on the board. Law says the Diamondbacks will select Trevor Bauer at #3 overall
  • Lastly, Law says "everyone" expects the Royals to select a college pitcher but may consider Dylan Bundy if he's on the board when they pick simply because he's able to shoot through the system faster than most high schoolers