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Gammons: Jorge Posada Future Home in Baltimore; Boston Thoughts

In an interview with WEEI, Peter Gammons says where he thinks Posada will land:

"I know where he’d go. He’d go right to Baltimore, with Matt Wieters, do a little catching, let Wieters DH twice a week, and go back with Buck [Showalter], who knew him pretty well from the Yankee organization."

More pointedly, he also says they're likely to make a permanent move to Jesus Montero if Posada doesn't improve soon.

Other notes:

  • The Red Sox really have no options in their farm system to replace missing starts from Lackey and Matsuzaka.
  • Felix Doubront may be ready in a month, according to pitching coach Curt Young, and Kyle Weiland isn't ready either.
  • A veteran like Kevin Millwood may be an option, while Pedro Martinez does not appear to be one.
  • Alfredo Aceves may be moved to the bullpen, but Jason Varitek fully supports him.