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Olney Dishes on Paul Maholm, Francisco Liriano, King Felix

Olney's latest today, on a day where Danny Duffy makes his long awaited Major League debut...

  • Olney says the Mariners have slammed the door officially on any Felix Hernandez trade talk.
  • In regards to potential mid-season trade candidates, Olney lists Aaron Harang and Paul Maholm as two of the best available starters. Personally, I disagree and think Jason Marquis is the best, but to each his own.
  • Olney says the most interesting names being kicked around are Francisco Liriano, Brett Myers, and Wandy Rodriguez. All three would be difficult for their respective teams to part with and their value is low.
  • The Yankees and Red Sox are likely going to have to search help from within, according to Olney. The AL East promises to be an incredible grind and both teams will have to rely on in-house players especially.