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Olney Dishes on Dodgers, Anthony Rendon, Franklin Morales

In his latest column, ESPN's Buster Olney says that last night before Jason Giambi hit the third of his trio of homers, he tweeted about the Giambino and more than half of the responses were "Jason Giambi still plays?" Let's look at Olney's other rumors...

  • Onley says that people who have seen him play believe that Anthony Rendon will best be suited for second base, not third, sometime in the early part of his career.
  • Olney says there "seems to be great doubts" about whether or not the Dodgers will be able to make their payroll at the end of the month. Olney says nobody is talking about hundreds of millions of dollars -- They're talking about $10MM.
  • Olney says the Franklin Morales acquisition of the Red Sox is a "no-lose situation." The Red Sox will circle the bases with Morales next November to decide if they'll pay him or not.