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Chatter: Sandoval, Lawrie, Bedard, Lidge

Some chatter as we await the second day of interleague play...

  • According to Jeff Fletcher of Bay Bridge Baseball, Pablo Sandoval is two to three weeks away from returning, says Giants manager Bruce Bochy.
  • Rogers Sportsnet's Shi Davidi says Brett Lawrie is getting closer to Toronto. He says Lawrie has improved his pitch selection a great deal.
  • Brad Lidge is also probably two to three weeks away, says ESPN's Jayson Stark. The closer plans to return to Florida for some Extended Spring prior to his return.
  • Peter Gammons says Erik Bedard's curveball last night was the best he's seen from him in years. Gammons also says Bedard might be trade bait mid-season should he continue to pitch effectively.