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Phillies Interested in Hunter Pence

Ken Rosenthal posted his latest Full Count Video today. Among the topics he discussed was the Phillies interest in Astros right fielder Hunter Pence. However, Rosenthal states three problems that could potentially get in the way of a a Pence-to-the-Phillies trade.

  1. Rosenthal isn't sure if Jim Crane, new owner of the Astros, wants to organize a firesale and get rid of the Astros best or second best player as his first move.
  2. Taking on the rest of Pence's $6.9MM salary wouldn't be something the Phillies would like to do.
  3. The Phillies aren't interested in giving up the prospects it would take to acquire a player like Pence.

However, Rosenthal states that Ruben Amaro Jr. told him the other day that he's not sure what kind of resources he'll be able to play with once the deadline approaches. It's too early to ponder what could potentially happen, but Pence is definitely a name that could interest many in need of an outfield upgrade.