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Renck Dishes on Paulino, Barmes, Morales, Reynolds

Troy Renck of the Denver Post answered some reader tweets this morning. Among the questions he answered regarded Felipe Paulino, Clint Barmes, and Jose Lopez among others. Let's take a look...

  • Renck says that despite the fact that the Felipe Paulino-Clint Barmes trade hasn't worked out for the Rockies, they were going to non-tender Barmes anyway, so giving Paulino the chance regardless of what happened was worth a shot. Paulino was designated for assignment after last night's game.
  • When asked about the Rockies return for Franklin Morales, Renck says that the Rockies have until mid-November to decide whether to take cash or a PTBNL from the Red Sox in exchange for the aforementioned Morales.
  • Despite Jose Lopez not having that great of a year, Renck says there's still time for Jose to work out his kinks and that Jim Tracy still believes in him. Tracy wants Lopez to win the third-baseman job even though we're already almost two months in to the season.
  • Lastly, Renck says he can confirm that Greg Reynolds will be called up for today's game and will be available in the bullpen.