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Neyer Dishes on Branyan, suggests Dodgers, Nationals, Padres.

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Rob Neyer's latest is a look at Russell Branyan's release and the unsurprising result of keeping two marginal lefty-hitting first basemen on the roster.


  • This opens the door for Juan Miranda, who is "perfectly decent and exceptionally cheap," two things you never want to hear when describing your first baseman.
  • Xavier Nady is giving no reason to believe he's still a viable hitter. At 32 and with only one great season under his belt, he's never been a good 1B candidate anyway.
  • Adam LaRoche is having a terrible season, probably due to his shoulder injury, which opens the door for a candidate like Branyan on the Nats roster.
  • Similarly, Neyer suggests that the San Diego Padres should be close to ending Brad Hawpe's tenure on their club, where Branyan could be a replacement candidate as well.