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Mets to Slash Payroll for 2012: Jose Reyes and David Wright Sweepstakes Begin!

Adam Rubin is reporting that Fred Wilpon has admitted via Sports Illustrated that the Mets' payroll could be slashed by 30% or more next season. A 30% drop from this year's payroll of $140 million is $98M.

What's this mean for David Wright? Jose Reyes? It means that we're likely to see a lot of trade rumors, and soon. Too bad Wilpon made Sandy Alderson's job as difficult as possible by his antics in the New Yorker profile, huh?

As Rubin later tweeted:

If they're taking the payroll under $100 million -- and admititng it now -- goodbye Jose. And there's no prayer for winning for a few years.

 Want Reyes or Wright on your team? What do you think they're worth? What are you willing to give up? Let us know what you think in the comments.


As always, details and credible rumors as they become available.