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Buster Posey Breaks Leg, Potentially Out For Season; Brandon Belt Up

Amy Gutierrez of Comcast SportsNet Bay Area is reporting that due to last night's nasty collision with Scott Cousins, Buster Posey has a broken leg and torn ligaments and may be out for the season. Buster was hitting .284/.368/.756, good enough to already earn 1.8 Wins Above Replacement, second only to Russell Martin.

When a team gets that much production out of what is typically a number 7 or 8 hitter, losing him for the season can be damaging indeed, and the Giants have to be reeling right about now.

Other Posey Injury Notes and Fallout:

Update from Amy Gutierrez:



Danny Knobler is reporting that Posey is going to the DL with a "fracture to bone in lower left leg."