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Heyman Dishes On Giants' Catcher Options, A. Ramirez, Zambrano

Buster Posey's wicked injury due to the plate collision with Scott Cousins is having continued fallout, including talks of rule changes and potential catcher trades for the Giants, according to Jon Heyman. Executives around the league agree that a rule change will probably nothappen, Heyman says, citing MLB's glacier-like response to updating the league.

Heyman echoes earlier reports that potential catcher trade candidates for the Giants include Ivan Rodriguez, Chris Snyder, and Ryan Doumit, if Eli Whiteside doesn't work out. Also, Heyman mentions the Royal's Matt Treanor as an option once Jason Kendallreturns, though I personally wonder why Kendall himself wouldn't be an option (fully disclosing we all know GMDM's love for Mr. Rewind-Yourself) when Treanor is the younger and equally bad-hitting option.

Other MLB News and Notes:

  • The Mets minority share sale to David Einhorn, once completed, gives him about 30% share of the team as well as first rights to purchase the remaining majority share if the Wilpons are unable to remain.
  • As minority owner, Einhorn will have some but not final say in major team decisions.
  • In other ownership-related MLB problems, Frank McCourt is reportedly attempting to tread water on a month-to-month basis. "Every pay period will be a question now," says Heyman.
  • The Dodgers' outfield situation, with both Ethier and Kemp contracts expire after next season, looks murky considering the current team finances. However, Heyman's sources are reporting absolutely no calls either in or out have been made regarding the two.
  • James Loney will probably be non-tendered by the Dodgers since he's never quite met their expectations.
  • The Texas Rangers, as reported by Ken Rosenthal, are definitely on the market for relievers. Francisco Rodriguez may be under consideration.
  • Aramis Ramirez' 2012 $16M option will not be picked up by the Cubs, and may be looking at an opportunity at a fresh start on another team soon.
  • Carlos Zambrano could be a trade-deadline candidate, says Heyman, and notes that the Yankees were recently interested.