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Olney Dishes On Joel Hanrahan, Heath Bell, Jason Bartlett, Cardinals

Joel Hanrahan is a big part of Pittsburgh's plan to reach .500 and may not be traded in their attempt to do so, as some MLB execs are telling Buster Olney. In 23 innings this season, Hanrahan is pitching a career best 1.52 ERA while earning 14 saves. Part of his success this year is due to trying to "pitch to contact," which is a shorter way of saying "save pitches by inducing grounders or pop-ups." Indeed, his GB% is a career-high 56.3%.

Other MLB News & Notes

  • Change is coming to how teams handle catchers in the wake of the Buster Posey injury, especially those with a solid swing. "'s a financial decision."
  • Olney reiterates earlier discussions on Heath Bell as trade bait, and notes that his salary would represent 20% of San Diego's payroll in 2012.
  • The Cardinals might be a prime candidate for a Bell deal, possibly expanding their talks to include Jason Bartlett, who was one of their off-season targets.