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Cincinnati Reds In the Market For a Starter?

Christina Kahrl's latest analysis at the SweetSpot blog says that what at first looked like lots of starter options hasn't really amounted to much for the Cincinnati Reds. Even with injuries, she questions whether those options at best appear to be "just potentially threes and fours in a big-league rotation."

Kahrl takes issue with the lineup, but the heart of the Reds' issue is that they just need an Ace. She notes that they're few and far between, but doesn't mention that every team wants one. (Right?)

Who should Cincinnati target? Chad Billingsley and his coming $35MM in an effort to squeeze a needy Dodgers club, Edwin Jackson if the White Sox ever remember they're not in it, and perhaps even Johan Santana for the same reason as the Billingsly/Dodgers problem -- maybe the Mets can free up a little cash with a move? Kahrl suggests that the Reds' best available target would be Francisco Liriano, especially since the Twins have no shortage of needs.

Is now the time to move? How much are you willing to give up? RedsFan can't be satisfied after last season's flirtation with a run, but it's easy to say "get an ace!"

It's much harder to actually land one.