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Mariners may release outfielder Milton Bradley

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The Mariners may release outfielder Milton Bradley in order to make room for 27-year old outfielder Mike Wilson, who is tearing it up at the Triple-A level. Wilson is hitting .381 with a .429 on-base percentage and four home runs over in 16 games.

Bradley, who has been ejected from two games in the past week, also owns a .218 batting average with 2 home runs in 28 games. He is still owed 12 million dollars, but at this point it may be in their best interest to just release him.

Bradley may never find work in the big leagues again. While he is a talented player, he cannot stay healthy and has not held a good average in recent years. This may be the perfect opportunity for Wilson, who hit .278 with 25 home runs in 2010 and is off to a great start this season. He won't become a regular player, but he is worth a shot as he rides out his hot streak.