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Carlos Beltran Might Find a Home With Boston Red Sox

Jon Heyman is reporting that if J.D. Drew's injury problems persist, the Red Sox could be on the market for an outfielder, and one player they've previously expressed interest in is Carlos Beltran. Drew, sitting at least for today against the White Sox, is having a down year at .228/.342/.338 and has produced exactly 0.0 WAR this season.

Carlos Beltran's $119M mega-contract has long been a source for ill-informed discussion, but it does come to an end this year as he makes the last $18.5M from the Mets. Since the Mets agreed to not offer arbitration, the logic is that they'd try to recoup what they can while they have the ability, especially considering the much-publicized team financial troubles.

Beltran could be a great option for the Red Sox, hitting .279/.367/.508 with 8 home runs and already producing 1.7 WAR on the year. Even with this above-average production, Jon Paul Morosi says the Mets will most likely have to "send cash to the acquiring club in order to move him."