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Heyman Dishes On Yankees, Breslow, Reyes

Jon Heyman's latest focuses on the Athletics' managerial switch, the Yankees' pitching needs, Jose Reyes, and the Minnesota Twins.

  • Heyman writes that managers that should worry about whether they make it to next year include: Jim Riggleman, Edwin Rodriguez, Jim Leyland, Ozzie Guillen, and Mike Quade. 
  • The New York Yankees will seek a lefty reliever as well as a starting pitcher. 
  • The Red Sox will also seek lefty relief help. 
  • The A's have relievers to deal, and LHP Craig Breslow might be a fit for the Yankees or Red Sox. 
  • Many believe the Red Sox won't make a play for Mets shortstop Jose Reyes. The Mets are under a lot of pressure to make some effort to retain Reyes.