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Buster Olney Dishes on Reliever Volatility, Yankees, Venters, Moustakas

When Mariano Rivera said, "We'll check back in four or five years and see where he is," about Atlanta's Jonny Venters, he touched on a well-known truth of baseball. Buster Olney notes (Insider only) that Rivera correctly points out just how hard it is for relievers to remain dominant. Whether it's Joba streaking from his first-season success to his almost-certain coming Tommy John surgery, or Joakim Soria's struggles this season after being at the top of the game, or Brad Lidge's rise and fall in the closer role, relievers rarely last.

So don't be surprised if the Yankeesdon't plunge into the reliever market with prospects to deal, and don't expect Cashman to push his starter prospects into relief roles, either. Instead, Olney suggests that the team may look to Kevin Whelanor Lance Pendelton to produce in a reliever role.

Regardless, with Joba likely out for the year, the Yankees need bullpen help -- and soon. Whether or not Cashman is willing to deal prospects in order to secure that help remains to be seen.

Other MLB News & Notes

  • Bob Geren wasn't just fired for this season's disastrous results. Olney suggests that Geren's firing should have been expected by a team still under the eye of the MLB as it "continues to rot."
  • Mike Moustakas was called up by the Royals yesterday and can look forward to at least 400 ABs.
  • When Jonny Venters pitches on zero days rest, opposing hitters are 1-40 with 16 Ks. Read that again: ONE FOR FORTY.