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Rosenthal Dishes on Twins, Athletics, Rays

Ken Rosenthal's latest Full Count video is out. Let's take a look:

Minnesota Twins

Twins GM Bill Smith says that he still thinks the Twins are in the race, especially with Joe Mauer, Jason Kubel, Jim Thome, and Tsuyoshi Nishioka all expected back soon. In the last nine days, they've cut five and a half games off the Indians' lead. Having played 40 of their first 61 games on the road, the Twins have no more road series against AL East opponents, and will have a lot of games left against AL Central opponents. Thus, Rosenthal says the Twins aren't yet sellers. 

Other notes from Rosenthal...

  • The A's look like sellers, but won't just give their players away. Josh Willingham, Coco Crisp, and David DeJesus are all somewhat-attractive offensive options that are being paid less than $6MM. Willingham might project as a Type A free agent, whereas Crisp and DeJesus will likely be Type B's. 
  • The Rays might sell even while in contention, if they believe they can build something for the future. B.J. Upton remains "a difficult call" though, as the Rays don't feel that Desmond Jennings could provide as much of an impact as Upton. Rosenthal says the Rays might get more value if they "act sooner" to trade Upton. 
  • If the Reds want to get creative, they could trade one of their catchers for starting pitching help, and promote catching prospect Devin Mesoraco. Reds prospects Zack Cosart and Yonder Alonso might also be called up to the majors -- perhaps sooner than Mesoraco, as they both play positions where the Reds are currently getting limited production.