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Could Jered Weaver Be Moved?

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Currently five games back in the AL West, the Los Angeles Angels are slowly falling out of contention. They will begin a 12-game road trip on Monday night, and if the Angels "stumble" in those 12 games, the team might -- as Ken Rosenthal notes -- become sellers.

Jered Weaver, who has pitched to a 2.24 ERA with 90 strikeouts and just 25 walks in 100.1 IP, would become a prime trade target for teams looking at starting pitchers. Weaver is making roughly $7.4MM this year, and is eligible for arbitration for one last year in 2012. 

Which teams could target Weaver if he does in fact become available? The Red Sox and Yankees, given their needs and financial resources, would likely be among interested teams. Rosenthal notes that Weaver trade talk is premature at the moment:

Any discussion of trading Weaver is premature, according to sources with knowledge of the team’s thinking. One club official says the team is at "a frustration level, not a panic level" – and not close to becoming a seller.

But Rosenthal also says that the Angels could look to trade Weaver even if they don't fall out of contention, noting that they could try to win the division with a "different kind of club."