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Rosenthal Dishes On Porter, Rodriguez, Phillies

Ken Rosenthal's latest focuses on a possible Marlins' managerial change, the Yankees' starting pitching needs, and the Phillies' needs, and the possibilities of the Rockies becoming buyers or sellers. Let's break it down --

  • If the Marlins make a managerial change, the logical choice would be Bo Porter -- the Nationals' third base coach. Porter was in the Marlins' organization for five years. But there would be two questions: would the Nationals allow Porter to go to a division rival in the middle of the season? And would Porter accept the job on an interim basis? The Marlins have a lot of interest in Ozzie Guillen as their manager in the long-term.
  • Astros LHP Wandy Rodriguez would make a lot of sense for the Yankees, but the Astros would want top-of-the-rotation value in exchange, whereas the Yankees probably view him as a back-end starter in the AL East.
  • The Phillies are making inquiries on right-handed hitters and left-handed relievers, but they would likely need cash in a trade (meaning Ryan Ludwick, for example, would make little sense, as he's making $7MM). The Rockies' Ryan Spilborghs, making $2MM, could make sense for the Phils.
  • Depending upon how the Rockies fare over the next month, they could become buyers or sellers. If they buy, they would look for a starter that can eat innings. Kevin Slowey and Hiroki Kuroda would be likely targets. If the Rockies sell, Aaron Cook, Huston Street, and Ty Wiggington could all be trade chips.