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Olney Dishes on Michael Pineda, Kevin Correia, Twins

The Seattle Mariners are one of this year's surprises, and Buster Olney says that's in no small part due to Michael Pineda. There is a problem if the the Mariners are keeping him on the "add 30 pitches per year" growth/endurance plan, though, because that would put him just 100 innings away from that target for the season. That could mean some hard decisions in the Emerald City if they remain in contention.

Other MLB News & Notes

  • The Pirates have already matched their road victories for the entire 2010 season, and Olney not-so-subtly puts Kevin Correia on the same list of other pitchers who earned 7 road wins in their team's first 54 games (first 3rd of the season): Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Roger Clemens. That's some company, eh?
  • The Minnesota Twins are at a shocking 17-37, and may be considering trades. Their conservative approach to mid-season moves in the past may still be in effect, though. Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, and Delmon Young could all be up for grabs if the price is right.