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Rosenthal Dishes On Ozzie Guillen

Ken Rosenthal's latest discusses Ozzie Guillen and the Marlins' managerial position. Rosenthal writes that Guillen would be nuts to manage for the Marlins, noting that owner Jeffrey Loria has changed managers five times since 2003, whereas White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has employed Ozzie Guillen since 2004, in spite of various controversies. Other notes--

  • Nationals third base coach Bo Porter says he would have allowed the Florida Marlins to interview him for the managerial position "only if they were willing to give him a multi-year deal." Porter could be a candidate for Marlins manager again, or could emerge as one for the Nationals' managerial position, as the Nationals have yet to exercise Jim Riggleman's option for the 2012 season.
  • Many of the Dodgers’ potential trade chips have battled injuries this season. Hiroki Kuroda, who is probably their best trade chip, has a full no-trade clause.
  • The Rays play 11 straight games against the Yankees and Red Sox in mid-July, and that stretch will ultimately determine whether they become buyers or sellers. RHP James Shields could be a trade chip, though the Rays would have to receive something overwhelming in exchange.
  • Changes in the DH rule have not been discussed during realignment talks.